Maana Leader to Discuss the Value of Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation at the 2019 IIoT Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas Conference

AMSTERDAM, June 5, 2019 — Maana, the pioneer of digital knowledge technology, today announced its General Manager of Customer Operations (EMEA), Asger Klindt, will participate in two panel discussions at the IIoT Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas Conference, June 6-7, in Amsterdam.

The panel, which will also feature executives from BP and Atomiton, will explore how companies can capitalize on new digital technologies and transform day-to-day business operations to create efficiencies, mitigate risk and improve the bottom line.

“I am eager to help drive dialog regarding how the oil and gas industry can accelerate digitalization of operational decisions across their enterprise,” said Klindt.  “Ultimately, we want the industry to realize the other side of digitization. Where companies are building models in mass scale and developing hundreds of use cases.”

Klindt will participate in two separate conference discussions:

  • Brainstorm Session: Facing Challenges of Digital Transformation: Delegates are divided into groups and invited to brainstorm their solutions on digitization with the help of executive facilitators including: Asger Klindt, Maana General Manager of Customer Operations (EMEA); Eric Koenig, Schneider Electric Vice President of Strategy Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals; Oscar Abbink, IHS Markit Director of Upstream Energy. (Thursday, June 6, at 4:30 p.m.)
  • Emerging Technologies: New Value Creation Opportunities: Panel discussion on the value that has been created through digitization, and where it will be created in the future. The executive panel will feature: Asger Klindt, Maana General Manager of Customer Operations (EMEA); Noorddin Taj, BP Lead Architect of Digital Innovation; Ann Sun, Atomiton Vice President of Market Development and will be moderated by Eleonore Lazat, Bloomberg Analyst. (Friday, June 7, at 9:00 a.m.)

The third annual IIoT Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas Conference attracts senior executives in energy and aims to address the impact of new digital technologies, including IoT, Big Data, AI, Cloid and Blockchain. The conference sessions and panel discussions are developed to provide attendees with strategic insights and serve as a platform for oil and gas operators, oilfield service and EPC companies, technology vendors and start-ups to share their experience in the digital transformation of oil and gas.

To learn more about Maana visit,, and for additional information about the IIoT Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas Conference, visit

About Maana:

Maana organizes the world’s industrial data and human expertise into digital knowledge to enable millions of experts to make better decisions affecting the global economy and human civilization.  Using our Knowledge Platform™ and its proprietary Computational Knowledge Graph™, Fortune Global 500 industrial companies drive answers to operational questions that direct the future. Operating internationally, Maana is a privately-held company with offices in Menlo Park, California; Bellevue, Washington; Houston, Texas; London, UK; and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

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