Ana sayfa World AI becomes focus of China’s top startups: report

AI becomes focus of China’s top startups: report


Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the main business focus of China’s top startups as a growing number of traditional industries look for upgrades via such technologies, a report showed.

Among the 25 top Chinese startups ranked by global professional network LinkedIn, 11 have put AI at the core of their business and integrated related technologies with industry application, the company said in a report after unveiling its inaugural Top Startups List in China.

These companies focus on chip development, facial recognition algorithms, fintech, smart healthcare, smart city, new retail, smart pharmaceuticals and many other fields.

AI’s influence has gradually expanded from a single industry to just about every industry, making the list a microcosm of AI empowerment, the report said.

Most of the companies with outstanding performance on the list are B2B companies, the report showed.

The list also found that the average age of employees in these top startups is 28 years old, 10 percent of whom have an overseas educational background or have worked overseas.