App Store prices on the up

Apple told developers it will be raising App Store prices in the UK, India and Turkey.

“App Store prices on the up” reported MobileWorld Live, the official publication of GSMA the Assosiation of GSMA on 2017-01-19 00:00:00.

Apple told developers it will be raising App Store prices in the UK, India and Turkey.
In the UK, prices are going up by around 25 per cent due to depreciation of the pound following Brexit.
This effectively means an app that costs $0.99 in the US, and used to cost £0.79 in the UK, will now cost £0.99.
The impact will be felt more on pricier apps like the paid version of Super Mario Run which will cost £9.99, up by £2.
Meanwhile India will see price increases due to changes in service taxes, while Turkish prices will go up due to depreciation of the Turkish Lira.
The price rise will also apply to in-app purchases, and increases are expected to soon be applied to the iTunes Store as well as the iBooks Store.
“Price tiers on the app store are set internationally on the basis of several factors, including currency exchange rates, business practices, taxes and the cost of doing business. These factors vary from region to region and over time,” Apple explained.
The new prices will roll out over the next seven days, giving users the chance to buy apps before the price hike hits.
Towards the end of 2016, Apple increased UK prices for iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.
Since the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, the value of the pound has fallen by around 20 per cent against the US dollar.

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App Store prices on the up

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