BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy opens to entire IT industry

“Computer Engineering Graduate and Physical Doctorate Program with Thesis of BAU-Netaş Techno Academy” launched in 2014 by the collaboration of Netaş and Bahcesehir University (BAU) had its first graduates. The program developed by Netaş that has left its 50th year behind with the collaboration of BAU and that constitutes a sustainable example for university-industry collaborations will be open to the entire IT industry by 2008.

BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy launched by NETAŞ with Bahcesehir University in 2014 aims to increase the competencies of the engineers in the Turkish IT industry. The Computer Engineering Graduate and Physical Doctorate Program with Thesis of BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy continuing by the collaboration of NETAŞ that has left 50 years behind filled with accomplishments in Turkey’s information industry, and Bahcesehir University that has a distinguished position among Istanbul higher education institutions has had its first graduates. In the graduation ceremony, NETAŞ and BAU announced that the program would also be open to the entire IT industry professionals by 2018.

In the Computer Engineering Graduate and Physical Doctorate Program with Thesis of BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy, a curriculum prepared by the BAU academics in cooperation with NETAŞ engineers is applied. The program launched for engineers that aim to work in the fields of multimedia technologies and cyber security distinguishes itself from the counterparts with some classes taught in NETAŞ R&D laboratories. 46 Netaş employees in total including 39 employees for master’s study and 7 for doctorate study have enrolled in the program so far.

NETAŞ CEO C. Müjdat Altay said the following in the graduation ceremony: “When setting out with Bahcesehir University in 2014, we shared a vision of bringing in more qualified human resource to our industry. “Today when we celebrate its first graduates of the program, we feel not only the happiness of being at this point to which the steps we took have brought us, but also the excitement of growing the added value we have created.

This program is one indication of our understanding of making our R&D infrastructure and 50 years of experience an open platform we define as ‘Netaş as a Platform’ for the development of the industry with all stakeholders. This structure offers value to all parties because we are the first-hand witnesses of the structure of this program that brings education to the professionals and how its carefully prepared curriculum adds value to our R&D engineers. On the other hand, it is in the best interest of all of us to increase the number of our colleagues in our industry. Therefore, BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy will be open to all industry professionals. We invite all R&D professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge in the field of multimedia technologies and cyber security to complete their master’s or doctorate study at NETAŞ R&D laboratories.”

Bahcesehir University Rector Prof. Şenay Yalçın said “Simultaneously with the dazzling developments in today’s world, the boundaries between the world of academia, science and business are removed rapidly, as if a new world order is being created, so to speak. It must be remembered that organizations that have the will to be in this change and developments personally and guide it, instead of closely following and just keeping up with them, shall survive. Thereunder, on one side, we have NETAŞ that has been producing and offering for service national and original communication technologies in the respective fields needed by our country, and on the other, we have Bahcesehir University, a distinguished member of BAU Global leading the Turkish higher education on the path to becoming internationalized. These two organizations came together to sign a real university-industry partnership. Within the scope of this agreement, Computer Engineering Graduate and Physical Doctorate Program with Thesis was actualized in BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy.”

Prof. Şenay Yalçın that also stated that one of the most important elements of this collaboration was NETAŞ’s encouraging its employees to do graduate study at BAU and providing scholarships with Bahcesehir University to its employees enrolling in BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy programs in order to contribute to the raising of qualified human resource in our country in today’s competitive word, “I would like to extend our thanks to the Chairperson of Bahcesehir University Board of Trustees Enver Yücel and NETAŞ CEO Müjdat Altay. With the vision and efforts they have demonstrated, they offer services with a value that is not measurable with money; we couldn’t have actualized this project if it were not for their determined will.”


Education brought to field laboratories

With “BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy”, a master’s and doctorate program every stage of which is shaped jointly by the university and the industry, from the class content to the thesis subjects is applied. Thanks to this practice, education is brought to the laboratory in which the researcher works, the educational levels of researcher employees are increased, and financial support is provided to the researcher’s education.


A sustainable example of university-industry collaboration

“BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy” that constitutes a sustainable example of university-industry collaboration by opening the industry’s knowledge and experience to universities is a communication platform where the university acquires practical knowledge from the industry and the industry learns current technologies from the university. With the program, it is aimed to increase the university-industry collaborations and set an example to other R&D centers by creating a model. Also, both the number of master’s and doctorate students and graduate employees and the ability to produce technological value-added product in our industry that can be sold across the world are increased. The practice also contributes to the improvement of Turkey’s qualified human resource.


Among the best practices

“BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy” program has taken its place among the best practices in the “Public-University-Industry Best Practices” category within the scope of the “Summit for R&D Centers Best Practice Examples” held by the General Directorate of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.


About Netaş

Netaş offers innovate and end-to-end system integration and technology services in communications and information technology industry. With its 50 years of successful past and experienced R&D team, Netaş operates in Turkey, North Africa, CIS and Asia Pacific markets with services ranging from technology consulting to after-sales services. The company offers new-generation communication solutions for telecom operators, public and private organizations and defense industry such as mobile broadband, cyber security, cloud solutions, managed services, defense communication technologies, GSM-R, ICT integration services and custom software development. For more information about Netaş with its shares traded in Borsa İstanbul (NETAS);



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