Blockchain project from Netas to make Turkey a stakeholder in securing EU’s independent payment system

Blockchain project from Netas to make Turkey a stakeholder in securing EU’s independent payment system

An important step came from Netas that will position Turkey as a blockchain-based digital financial center in the world. “Critical-Chains” project where Netas participated within the EU’s H2020 will allow the company to have a say in the prevention of many threats such as cyber attacks, money laundering and forgery in EU’s new generation finance world.

Turkey will play a role in the data transfer security of the European Union’s blockchain-based next generation financial center through the involvement of Netas in “Critical-Chains” project. The project has been awarded a grant within the scope of the program initiated by the European Union to establish independent payment channels. Accordingly, Netas will work on issues such as the establishment of a multi-layered innovative cloud-based service model, analytics, modeling, mining and threat intelligence of financial data flows.

“With 45 years of R&D power, we will mark another digital track in the EU’s future”

Netas R&D Deputy General Manager Bülent Kemal Mutlu said; “Having established Turkey’s first private telecom R&D 45 years ago, Netas today takes part in the digital transformation of Turkey and the region thanks to the next generation of technologies it has developed. With our “Critical-Chains” project, we will contribute in the data transfer security of the independent payment channels that the EU is seeking to base on blockchain. The project aims to eliminate dodgy, unregistered business transactions in the global finance network; cyber-attack threats; dysfunctional, inadequate banking processes that are not user-friendly; complex contracts as well as the obstacles across the EU, created by the bulky financial and insurance infrastructures. New unified infrastructure will be created to provide effective, traceable, accessible and fast transactions and financial contracts that also comply with data protection. Thanks to this project, monetary transactions, as well as all financial contracts and commitments, will be made easily and their safety will be guaranteed. The main innovative idea of ​​the project is the integration of new emerging technologies such as blockchain, cyber-physical security, modeling of internal and external information flow and their use in a cloud-based framework. As Netas, we will provide services in the establishment of cloud infrastructure, cloud security, system integration, cybersecurity and anomaly detection.”


Tarih: 25/03/2019 13:59

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