Borusan Telekom selects vendors for VoIP rollout

9 Dec 2009

Turkish fixed line and broadband operator Borusan Telekom has announced that it has contracted US-based vendor Veraz Networks and Elkotek, a prominent value added reseller in Turkey, to support the deployment of voice-over IP (VoIP) services. Veraz will provide Borusan with its I-Gate 4000 EDGE SIP gateway solution, while Elkotek will supply local support services. Daniel Skinazy, vice president of Veraz’s sales division, said: ‘Veraz is very pleased to be working together with Elkotek to support Borusan Telekom. As Borusan continues to provide the most advanced enterprise services to the Turkish telecoms market, it can grow cost-effectively with the Veraz I-Gate 4000 EDGE SIP Gateway without the need to invest in additional hardware for upgrades.’

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