Digital Operator Turkcell Introduces Blockchain-applied ID Management Solution

Turkcell, the world’s fastest growing digital operator, introduced its blockchain service for ID Management at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019.

Turkcell, the world’s fastest growing digital operator, introduced its blockchain service for ID Management at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019. Blockchain is a new technology that allows organizations to collaborate in a safe environment. This technology can be used for more secure and faster transactions in the telecommunications industry – and Turkcell has successfully expanded the utilization of blockchain services to the industry with roaming clearance, ID management and donation solutions. Turkcell currently shares its blockchain network with Lifecell and Lifecell’s Belarus-based telecom operator partner BeST, and is in talks with study groups and other telecom operators to further expand the network.

Personal data is safer with Blockchain-applied ID Management solution

Turkcell is in the forefront of innovative solutions in personal privacy and data security with blockchain technology. Existing ID Management solutions requires users to create different accounts for different platforms or to use personal data the user shared with third parties before. The former requires the user to remember details of each account created, and the latter requires the user to share personal data with a third party not involved in the login process. Turkcell’s blockchain solution gives the user control over personal data and ensures personal privacy with GDPR compliant ID Management solution.

ID Management solution stores the information required for verification of users in the blockchain network and removes additional identity verifications – this also enables Turkcell to provide new use-cases to enterprises.

Donations can be made over Blockchain
Turkcell’s blockchain-enabled donation use-case incorporates ID Management solution to verify the donation eligibility of people in need. Turkcell helps rebuilding the trust in donation with a secure verification solution. The solution offers an end-to-end Turkcell experience – customers can donate via the communication and life platform BiP and use Paycell as a payment medium.

“Customer experience remains as top priority in the design of our services”

Turkcell Customer Experience and Information Technologies Executive Vice President Serkan Ozturk stated that customer experience must be in the center of technology to become a digital operator. “Our customers demand transparency and trust in every step of our processes. In this sense, using blockchain technology is essential to improve customer experience of our digital services and solutions, which remains as top priority in the design of our services. This is why we joined the global blockchain consortium of telecom carriers, The Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG). Our blockchain solutions provide secure digital payments, barter systems, identity verification and IoT applications. These efforts will help us improve our digital services and raise the bar in customer experience,” he said.

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