Fiji hails China’s great achievements over past 7 decades

SUVA, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) — Fiji’s Acting Prime Minister Semi Koroilavesau hailed here on Wednesday the great achievements China has scored over the past 70 years and reiterated the island nation’s commitment to the one-China policy.

Speaking during a grand national day celebration held by the Chinese embassy in Fiji, Koroilavesau said that on behalf of his government and the people of Fiji, he extended their hearty congratulations as they celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

“Over the past seven decades, the Chinese people have forged ahead as one, and have scored great achievements. Fiji is encouraged by your country’s achievements, which have been strongly founded on three ethos: national prosperity, revitalization and people’s happiness,” he said.

He also praised China for having for recent years taken a more proactive part in international affairs and having managed to make a greater contribution to world peace and sustainable development.

Koroilavesau voiced his satisfaction with the relations between the two countries, saying that Fiji and China have enjoyed very close and cordial relations since the two established diplomatic ties in 1975.

“Our leaders have conducted reciprocal visits, which enhances our strategic partnership based on mutual respect and common development for win-win cooperation. On this, I reiterate our firm commitment to the one-China policy for the betterment of our people,” he said.

Described as “a major development partner and good friend of Fiji,” China, he said, actively promotes mutually beneficial cooperation and has provided strong and firm support to Fiji’s economic and social development, praising China’s enduring efforts to help Fiji cope with climate change challenges and realize its sustainable development goals.

For his part, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo said that in recent years, under the guidance of the leaders of the two countries, China-Fiji relations have maintained a sound momentum of development.

Qian stressed that China is ready to, together with the Fijian side, constantly enhance mutual trust, continue to firmly support each other on issues concerning respective core interests.

About 300 people, including Fijian cabinet ministers, members of parliament, representatives of the diplomatic corps, leaders of the Chinese community and representatives of the Chinese enterprises, attended the Chinese national day celebration held in the Suva Civic Center.

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