Fimple completes bridge investment tour and secures a total investment of 5.5 million dollars

Led by Apy Ventures, KT Portfolio, Tera Portfolio and angel investors participated Fimple raised another3.5 million dollars

Following its two million dollars investment in the previous pre-seed round, Fimple has now received a further 3.5 million dollars investment as part of the Bridge Investment Tour, adding a new angel investor to its roster. Led by Apy Ventures, KT Portfolio, Tera Portfolio and angel investors participated in the tour. This total investment of $5.5 million is expected to strengthen Fimple’s position as a leader in the financial industry by supporting the company’s expansion and innovation goals.

The company plans to leverage this investment to effectively grow in the global market and accelerate change in the financial sector. The new funding is seen as a strategic move to further expand Fimple’s cloud-native plug-and-play platform, which operates on the principle of “Financial Function as a Service”, to increase its competitive advantage and provide better services to customers.

Mücahit Gündebahar CEO of Fimple

Mücahit Gündebahar CEO of Fimple, stated that the investment will make an important contribution to the company’s strategies: “This investment will give a big boost to our mission of strengthening our technological infrastructure and shaping change in the financial industry through leadership.” The company will continue to offer a sustainable service model that focuses on customer satisfaction, while keeping its technological and functional set competitive.

Fimple is ready for the Balkans and Europe

Fimple’s short-term goals include expanding its success in Turkey worldwide and becoming a global brand by selling its banking platform to countries in Europe, the Balkans, the Gulf region and Africa by 2024. The company aims to increase its influence in the financial industry with its API-based technological infrastructure and experienced team.

Innovative solution approach 

Fimple aims to simplify industry operations by providing a scalable plug-and-play ecosystem platform that allows institutions to independently customize and add features according to their dynamics. With its sustainable service model, Fimple solves fundamental requirements such as the continuous, competitive maintenance of the technological and functional product range and regulatory compliance. Financial institutions can focus entirely on their business model, their products and their customers.

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