Gartner Announces Application Strategies and Solutions Summit 2018


Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit 2018


November 27-29, 2018


Caesars Palace, Las Vegas


The future of applications depends on effective legacy modernization as much as innovation. This year’s Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit 2018 will focus on these dual priorities, exploring the latest approaches to optimize existing applications and infrastructure as well as leading-edge technologies driving business transformation. Join us to leverage Agile, DevOps, APIs, microservices and more to take your application strategy to the next level.

Audience and Topics

The summit is expected to draw more than 1,800 professionals and feature more than 60 Gartner analysts and 100 research-driven sessions spanning 8 tracks. Key topics include:

  • Modernizing Legacy Applications
  • DevOps, Agile and Lean IT
  • CX for Internal and External Customers
  • Event-Driven Architecture
  • IoT, Blockchain, Microservices
  • Organizational Change Leadership
  • Aligning IT to Business Strategy
  • Development to Support Superior CX, UX, EX
  • Cloud Computing
  • AI / Machine Learning


  • Gartner Opening Keynote: Optimize, Integrate, and Transform To Achieve Your Digital Future – Gartner experts Gene Phifer, Daryl Plummer and Elizabeth Golluscio
  • Guest Keynote: Business Advice We Shouldn’t Believe Anymore– Andrew McAfee, a technology luminary, futurist and author of the book Machine, Platform and Crowd
  • Gartner Keynote: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Technical Debt (but Were Afraid to Ask) – Gartner expert Andy Kyte
  • Guest Keynote: The New Economy: What’s It All About?– April Rinne, a global authority on disruptive innovation and the future of work
  • Gartner closing Keynote: Architect Your Digital Ecosystem – Gartner experts Danny Brian, Kirk Knoernschild

The Solution Showcase at the event will bring together leading technology and service providers highlighting the next steps in technology through live demonstrations, face-to-face meetings, and fast-paced presentations. A listing of current exhibitors is available on the Exhibitor Directory.

For complete event details, please visit the Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit website. Members of the media can register for the event by contacting Katie Costello at [email protected]

Join the discussion on social media using #GartnerAPPS.

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