Gartner Announces Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2016

Details: Analytics Leadership: Empowerment without Anarchy  

For a company to be successful with analytics, it takes more than a single leader. Analytics requires an abundance of astute leaders distributed throughout an organization working to apply just the right technology and skill sets to their business domain. Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2016 enables attendees to gain the analytics leadership needed to empower users to be autonomous without creating a state of disorder. 

Hot topics to be covered: 

  • Modern Bi-modal BI
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Automated Decisions
  • Self Service 
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Lakes
  • Chief Analytics Officer
  • Algorithmic Business 
  • Cloud


* Keynote: Analytics Leadership: Empowerment Without Anarchy

    Frank Buytendijk-Gartner Research VP and Distinguished Analyst

    Rita Sallam-Research Vice President at Gartner

* Keynote: What Is True? What Is Real? And Does It Matter In The Data-Driven World?

    Frank Buytendijk-Gartner Research VP and Distinguished Analyst

* Guest Keynote: The Art of Leadership

    Erik Wahl-Groundbreaking Artist, Author and Expert on Creativity and Innovation

* Guest Keynote: The Art of Innovation

    Guy Kawasaki- Chief Evangelist, Canva

* Closing Keynote: Algorithms Are the Game Changers in a Digital Business

    Chris Howard-VP Distinguished Analyst

The latest solutions and tools will be demonstrated by a number of companies exhibiting at the conference. A listing of current exhibitors is available on the Exhibitor Directory at!section_exhibitors

Join the discussion on Twitter using #GartnerBI.

For complete event details, please visit the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit website:

Members of the media can register for the event by contacting [email protected].

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