Gartner Announces Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit 2014

Details: The 33rd Annual Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference is the premier destination for infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders around the world focusing on today’s most important I&O topics, trends and technologies. This event  provides in–depth coverage of mobile, cloud, storage and other IT forces that are making new demands on the data center — as well as expert advice that will help position I&O as a key contributor to business strategy and competitive advantage.

Hot topics to be covered:

  • DevOps

  • Data center infrastructure management

  • Emerging storage architectures and vendors

  • Hybrid cloud computing

  • Software-defined anything (SDx)

  • BYOD effects on networks and security


*Gartner Keynote: Non-stop IT; Delivering the Integrated Data Center

John P Morency, Research VP

David Cappuccio, Research VP

*Gartner Keynote: Bimodal IT: Managing the Dichotomy in the Data Center

Raymond Paquet, Managing VP

* Guest Keynote: It’s Your Ship – Achieving Breakthrough Performance

Mike Abrashoff, Command of the USS Benfold

*Gartner Keynote: 2015 CIO Agenda: Implications to I&O

Mike Chuba, Research VP

Dave Russell, VP Distinguished Analyst

*Gartner Keynote: Interactive Polling Results  

Raymond Paquet, Managing VP

Mike Chuba, Research VP

Dave Russell, VP Distinguished Analyst

The latest solutions and tools will be demonstrated by over 100 companies exhibiting at the conference. A listing of current exhibitors is available on the Exhibitor Directory at

Join the discussion on Twitter using #GartnerDC.

For complete event details, please visit the Gartner Data Center Conference website at

Members of the media can register for the event by contacting Janessa Rivera at [email protected]

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