Gartner Announces IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference 2017

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference

December 4-7, 2017

The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference is the premier gathering for senior IT and business leaders, offering a depth and breadth of I&O topic coverage unavailable at any other event. Gartner I&O analysts present fresh, research-based content and actionable, unbiased advice – all designed to accelerate decision-making, prioritize initiatives, and link I&O strategies to the goals of the business. Key topics include:

  • Servers, storage, and networking

  • Data center (on-premises versus off-premises, cloud, colocation)

  • Data center security and disaster recovery

  • XaaS, including BaaS, DRaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

  • Containers and microservers

  • Software-defined, hyperconvergence, and IT infrastructure agility

  • Flash, machine learning, and IoT

  • IT operations management, DevOps, and DevSecOps

Senior I&O leaders that focus on the following initiatives will attend the conference:

  • IT infrastructure and IT operations

  • Data center and cloud strategy

  • Storage, server, facilities, and networking

  • IT architecture

  • Cost optimization

  • I&O leadership

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference agenda features 8 core tracks and 6 spotlight tracks:

Core Tracks

  1. Cloud Strategies

  2. Multi-Source, Multi-Location Data Center

  3. Reinvigorating the Core

  4. Infrastructure Agility

  5. IT Operations and DevOps

  6. Business Continuity, Recovery, and Governance

  7. Cost Optimization

  8. Leadership and Cultural Transformation

Spotlight Tracks

  1. Securing the Data Center of Tomorrow

  2. Emerging Strategies for Tomorrow’s IT

  3. Software-Defined Everything/Anything

  4. Senior Executive Circle

  5. Infrastructure & Operations for the Midsize Enterprise

  6. Diversity in IT

Keynote Speakers

Guest Keynotes

  • Altered Realities & Trust: Chris Riddell, Global Futurist

  • How IoT Creates Digital Ecosystems: Tom Koulopoulos, President and Founder, Delphi Group

  • Predictably Irrational: Dan Ariely, Co-Founder and Partner, Irrational Innovations

  • Sailing the Cyber Sea – The New Realities of 21st Century Security: Admiral James Stavridis, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Gartner Keynotes

  • An Infrastructure and Operations Vision for 2018 and Beyond: Milind Govekar, Vice President and Dave Russell, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst

  • Interactive Polling Results From the Event: Sheila Childs, Managing Vice President, Mike Chuba, Managing Vice President, and Dave Russell, VP and Distinguished Analyst

The Solution Showcase
The Solution Showcase will bring together leading technology and service providers highlighting advances in technology through live demonstrations, face-to-face meetings, and dynamic presentations. A listing of current exhibitors is available on the Exhibitor Directory.

Venue and Travel Details
Visit the conference’s website for complete venue and travel details.

Full-time journalists from editorial publications are eligible for a press pass. Please contact Christy Pettey for details and to register: [email protected].

Social Media
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