Gartner Announces Winners for the EMEA Gartner Business Process Management Excellence Awards 2014

Gartner, Inc. has announced the winners for its 2014 Business Process Management (BPM) Excellence Awards in EMEA. The Gartner BPM Excellence award recognizes excellence in organizations that have leveraged process techniques and technologies to significantly improve business performance.

The 2014 winners were HML, Ossur and Vodafone Germany. “The three winning organizations have recognized the challenging complexity of their business operations and overcame them to achieve significant business outcomes, such as increased customer satisfaction and better time-to-market,” said Samantha Searle, research analyst at Gartner.

HML, a third party financial administration company in the UK and Ireland, focused on streamlining customer communications. It introduced greater flexibility and performance monitoring that enabled to meet strict service level agreements and serve individual customers more effectively. HML reached a customer satisfaction rating of 89 percent, and realised £400,000 in benefits and £150,000 in cost savings.  

Ossur, a non invasive orthopaedic manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Iceland, emphasized on improving services, architecture and streamlining processes to increase profitability. Two of its key achievements for its customer feedback process included an increase in customer feedback capture by 100 percent, and a decrease in resolution time by 60 percent.

Vodafone Germany focused on optimizing the order-to-service-process for enterprise customers. BPM technology was chosen to introduce a platform that would enable Vodafone Germany to easily react to the turbulent telecommunications market by having a smarter and quicker way to introduce new products. As a result, it decreased time-to-market by over 50 percent and also reduced the effort involved in the total customer order handling process by 50 percent.

At the Summit, each winner will participate in a roundtable discussion and the winner will be presented with a trophy during a short ceremony.

The identification of a Gartner Award winner or finalist is not an endorsement by Gartner of any vendor, product or service. More information on the Gartner BPM Excellence Awards 2014 is available at

About the Gartner Business Process Management Summit

The Summit is designed specifically for business and IT leaders tasked with making business processes smarter, more agile and better able to respond to constantly changing business dynamics. This Summit is the largest and most comprehensive BPM conference in the world, offering forward-thinking, trusted advice and actionable recommendations for driving real business transformation.

Additional information from the event will be shared on Twitter at and using the hashtag #GartnerBPM.

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