Gartner Announces Winners of the 2016 Supply Chainnovators Awards

Gartner, Inc. has announced the winners of the 2016 Supply Chainnovator Awards. The awards recognize innovative and high-impact supply chain initiatives in the healthcare, high-tech manufacturing and consumer/retail sectors. The five winners across the three categories are as follows:

Healthcare Supply Chainnovators:

AstraZeneca — Healthy Heart Africa is leveraging supply chains across multiple diverse network partners to bring hypertension awareness, screening and care to 10 million Africans by 2025. In less than one year, Healthy Heart Africa has screened more than 1.2 million patients, identified 200,000 people with an orientation toward hypertension and moved 25,000 people that otherwise would not have received care directly into treatment.

Mercy ROi — Unified Analytics Platform (UAP) combines seven technology platforms into one location to improve decision making, impacting the cost and quality of care. Mercy ROi is using the UAP to drive improved value creation across care pathways and capture the true cost of product and the impact of lower utilization that the organization may consider.

High-Tech Manufacturing Supply Chainnovators:

OEM: Cisco — Adaptive Test provides an automated, tailored, real-time test for individual products as they are tested on the manufacturing floor. Adaptive Test leverages production test data from Cisco’s internal test processes, coupled with test data from global suppliers to optimize product quality and cost over the product’s life cycle.

EMS: Jabil — Jabil InControl can pinpoint areas for concern, risk and opportunity coupled with real-time predictive modeling to improve collaborative decision making, proactively protect against supply chain disruption, optimize the flexibility of their manufacturing and distribution footprint, and minimize total landed cost.

Consumer/Retail Supply Chainnovator:

Mead Johnson Nutrition — The Fast & Agile initiative connects supply chain execution to consumer demand by replenishing supply in alignment with what is being consumed downstream. The initiative resulted in a 35 percent reduction in inventory value in Latin America, 20 percent improvement in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), 9 percent improvement in labor efficiency and a 16-week reduction in lead time, all while improving service to the customer.

Through the Supply Chainnovator awards program, Gartner recognizes supply chain innovation and impact delivered by supply chain organizations. These innovations must meet the threshold of being impactful, sustainable, unconventional, collaborative and measurable. Participants must be willing to share with the broader supply chain community lessons learned and how results were achieved. The goal is to recognize innovative approaches to supply chain excellence that result in a step change in business performance. The winners were selected by a panel of judges that consisted of Gartner analysts.

“Companies recognized as Chainnovators have been successful with unconventional, innovative and/or high-impact approaches that peer leaders can learn from and emulate,” said Mark Atwood, managing vice president at Gartner.”Supply chain leaders should look at the case studies as valuable insight for strategic planning, resource allocation and investment cycles.”

The identification of a Gartner award winner or finalist is not an endorsement by Gartner of any vendor, product or service.

More information can be found in the Gartner reports “Healthcare Supply Chainnovators, 2016: Global Patient Care and Supply Chain Analytics Win the Day,” “High-Tech Manufacturing Supply Chainnovators, 2016: Connecting, Collaborating and Capitalizing on Complexity,” and “Consumer/Retail Supply Chainnovators 2016: MJN is Improving Performance with Lean Practices and Pull Replenishment.”

About Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

Gartner analysts will provide additional analysis on supply chain trends at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conferences 2016 taking place through May 19 in Phoenix, AZ and September 19-20 in London. You can follow news and updates from the events on Twitter using #GartnerSCC

Follow news and updates from the event on Twitter using #GartnerSCC.

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