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Gartner Opens Professional Sales Center at Florida Gulf Coast University

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Gartner, Inc. and Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) today announced the opening of the Gartner Professional Sales Center on the FGCU campus in Fort Myers, Florida. The Center will replicate a private sales office where students who are enrolled in FGCU’s new sales minor program will practice selling techniques while engaging in sales role-playing scenarios. Students will work with FGCU faculty and staff to learn the foundations of selling. The innovative technology inside the center will allow students to hone their sales skills in a simulated environment. The Gartner Professional Sales Center will provide FGCU students with a skill set that will prepare them for success in any desired career path. 

“Gartner is committed to providing university students an environment that positions them to succeed, not only in college, but in their careers after school,” said Joe Beck, executive vice president of worldwide sales at Gartner. “The Gartner Sales Center enables students to the master the craft of selling. In this laboratory, students get the chance to experiment with different approaches to selling. By creating various scenarios in the laboratory, students can harness the skills necessary to thrive as a sales professional.”

FGCU will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony today at 1 p.m. ET, which will be followed by a reception and tour of the Gartner Professional Sales Center. For more information on the ribbon cutting, please contact Nicole Russ at [email protected].

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