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Gartner Says Employees in Germany Report Lower Discretionary Effort than Global Average

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German employees’ discretionary effort fell below the global industry average, according to the latest worldwide research by Gartner. High employee discretionary effort, which is the willingness to go above and beyond in one’s job, was reported by 12.6 percent of employees in Germany in 1Q18, a nearly four percentage point drop from the previous quarter and below the global average of 15.2 percent.

Employee surveys from the recent Global Talent Monitor report show German employees’ intent to stay with their employer has dropped from 40.5 percent in 4Q17 to 35.9 percent in 1Q18. While their percentage is above the global employee average of 32.4 percent, the decline indicates more employees in Germany are less motivated to stay with their organization.

Employees in Germany were less active in job-seeking behaviors than the global average. Gartner’s active-passive score measures the extent of employed individuals’ inclination and demonstrated effort to look for a new job. In 1Q18, Germany’s active-passive score was 39.2, out of 100, while the global average was 43.8. Despite being less active than employees globally, the score is up from 37 in 4Q17.

“The increase in active job-seeking and decrease in intent to stay shows more German workers want to pursue other opportunities and career changes,” said Daniel Dirks, consulting director for the HR Practice in EMEA for Gartner. “To keep employees motivated to stay with their employer, leaders should focus on opportunities to improve how they use their employee value proposition (EVP) to retain and engage top talent. When German employees are more satisfied with the EVP attributes they prioritize, they are twice as likely to report high levels of discretionary effort and intent to stay.”

An organization’s EVP is made up of five attributes: rewards, work, organization, opportunity and people. In regards to opportunity, German employees are least satisfied with future career opportunity and most satisfied with stability. 46.2 percent of German employees reported they were satisfied with stability, meanwhile only 27.4 percent of employees were satisfied with their organization’s ability to provide future career opportunities. Stability ranked globally as the number one opportunity based attribute (33 percent) influencing a candidate’s employer selection, above future career opportunity (19.9 percent).

When asked about the EVP for people, employees in Germany were least satisfied with senior leadership reputation and most satisfied with the camaraderie. 47 percent of employees in Germany reported they were satisfied with camaraderie between colleagues, while only 36.4 percent of employees were satisfied with the reputation of senior leaders.

“In most parts of the world, employees think the job market is strong. Along with a relatively low willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, more employees may start to consider new pastures,” said Dirks. “This clearly increases retention risks for many employers. What companies should now do is answer three questions for themselves: 1. Do we have a well-defined and consistent EVP? 2. Is our EVP fit for purpose regarding our overall business model and strategy? 3. How are we really delivering against our employer value promise?’

Global Talent Monitor data is drawn from the larger Gartner Global Labor Market Survey which is made up of more than 22,000 employees in 40 countries. The survey is conducted quarterly and is reflective of market conditions during the quarter preceding publication.

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