Gartner Says Employees in Germany Reporting Higher Discretionary Effort Than the Global Average

Employees in Germany are working harder than the global industry average, according to the latest worldwide research by CEB, now Gartner. Employee discretionary effort (employee willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty) was reported by 16.2 percent of employees in Germany in 4Q 2017, up from the global average of 15.8 percent of employees.

Employee surveys from the recent Global Talent Monitor report show an additional 40 percent of German employees reported somewhat high discretionary effort. In 4Q 2017, 40.5 percent of employees in Germany reported a high intent to stay with their jobs, up 2.9 percent from 4Q 2016. Global Talent Monitor data shows 8.7 percent of employees in Germany report low intent to stay, and another 10.2 percent were leaning towards low.

“Given that only 16.2 percent of employees in Germany display high levels of discretionary effort, leaders must focus on retaining those high performers, said Daniel Dirks, consulting director for EMEA for Gartner. “It’s crucial for employers to implement a successful employee value proposition (EVP). Employees in Germany who are more highly satisfied with the EVP attributes they prioritize are twice as likely to report high discretionary effort. In addition, these people are twice as likely to report high intent to stay.”

The five attributes of the EVP include Rewards, Opportunity, Organization, People and Work. In regard to Rewards, employees in Germany said they were most satisfied with vacation and least satisfied with retirement benefits. In 4Q 2017, 45.5 percent of employees in Germany said they were satisfied with vacation, while 27.8 percent of employees were satisfied with retirement benefits.

Employees in Germany have below-average perceptions of pay value, fairness and equity. Gartner’s Pay Perception Index measures some aspects of employee perceptions at their organizations – financial value, organizational fairness, and manager fairness – weighted by their impact on employee intent to stay and discretionary effort. The Pay Perception Index in Germany was at 57.5 in 4Q 2017, down from the global average of 60.3.

When asked about the EVP for Opportunity, employees in Germany were most satisfied with stability and least satisfied with future career opportunity. 43.8 percent of employees in Germany reported they were satisfied with stability, while only 27.4 percent of employees were satisfied with future career opportunities.

Employees in Germany were less active in job seeking behaviors than the global average. Gartner’s Active-Passive Score measures the extent of employed individuals’ inclination and demonstrated effort to look for a new job. The Active-Passive score in Germany in 4Q 2017 was 37.7, while the global average was 43.

“While active job seeking in Germany continues to somewhat lag behind global numbers, there is a bit of a looming threat here. The current tight labor market, with lots of open positions in many companies, might change this trend. Combined with a relatively low willingness to engage in high discretionary effort, an increasing number of people might begin to consider changing their employer,” Dirks said.

Global Talent Monitor data is drawn from the larger Gartner Global Labor Market Survey which is made up of more than 22,000 employees in 40 countries. The survey is conducted quarterly and is reflective of market conditions during the quarter preceding publication. Visit to learn more and compare talent data from around the world.

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