Huawei ready to boost digital transformation in African countries: CEO

Ren Zhengfei, CEO and founder of China’s tech giant Huawei, said his company is ready to boost digital transformation in African countries to help their sustainable economic development.

“Huawei could deal with all the countries desiring to benefit from the world experience in digital transformation and developing the digital waves in their interests,” Ren said in an interview with Egypt’s state-run Ahram newspaper published on Wednesday.

The governments of African countries should consider the information technology and communication as a national strategy that awaits coordination of plans and application of system, Ren explained.

According to the Huawei CEO, the African countries need to focus on investing in the infrastructure especially in the optic fiber industries.

Ren hailed the digital transformation in Egypt, saying he was impressed by its new policies toward development during his visit to the country.

In the light of the ongoing construction of a new administrative capital in Egypt, Ren said turning digital will have a great impact on the country’s 2030 strategic development plan launched in 2016.

“The digital transformation of the economy and of industries is of great importance to Egypt where the IT and communication sector will play a vital role in empowering various industries, which calls for strong investment in the infrastructure sector,” he noted.

The Huawei founder also pointed to the importance of building the youth capabilities in the IT and communication sector to create a national talent reserve for the IT industry.

Huawei is already working on 6G, and investing in young people is the best approach to this work, Ren noted.

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