Interview: How DPRK plans to attract foreign tourists

PYONGYANG, July 26 (Xinhua) — The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is striving to expand tourism opportunities to the country and improve its overall level of service, a DPRK official told Xinhua recently.

Noting that the country’s tourism sector has progressed for decades, the industry has made further advancements since the DPRK’s top leader Kim Jong Un took office, said Kim Chun Hui, director of the DPRK Department of Tourism Promotion.

The tourism sector is determined to make several scenic areas attractive at the global level to lure foreign visitors, Kim said.

Tourism authorities will develop the country’s airlines, simplify customs procedures and strive to impress visitors with a satisfying journey, Kim said, adding that various themed tours will be offered to aged consumers, flying enthusiasts and bike lovers in the future.

Kim admitted there remains a large room for improvement in the country’s tourism sector, vowing to further develop attractions, strengthen safety management and learn from other countries.

As tourists have yet no access to international roaming services on their cellphones or wireless internet in hotels, Kim said that the administration is actively cooperating with relevant departments to solve the problem.

Furthermore, the capacity of entry and exit ports and railway conditions are limited during peak season, especially when a vast majority of the visitors are entering the country by train, Kim said.

However, all visitors to the DPRK will be well received, she added.

Last year, foreign visitors made more than 200,000 trips in the DPRK, with 90 percent coming from China, Kim said.

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