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27 Feb 2020

Vodafone Turkey has announced the launch of Vodafone Business Connected Vehicle Solutions, a fleet management/vehicle tracking system featuring instant data reporting and providing benefits such as fuel economy. Vodafone says fleets in sectors such as transportation, construction and car rental can save on maintenance/repair and fuel costs via its new system, which also boasts safety-focused features – drivers can be given a driving ‘risk’ score based on the analysis of data, while insurance can be evaluated according to the analysis.

Vodafone Ukraine has launched the IoT Monitor service for batch management of IoT SIM cards, enabling clients to: change the status of IoT SIMs; independently change tariff plans; control traffic usage; set limits; monitor SIM status; set change-notification settings; report (with 37 different types of reporting available); and utilise API connectivity. The service is available through a single global web interface, with ‘24/7’ technical support and ‘guaranteed’ data security.

Sigfox Indonesia (Kirana Solusi Utama – KSU) has officially launched its ‘0G’ Sigfox-based IoT network. In the first stage, the Sigfox network is available in Greater Jakarta Area and Bandung. Sigfox Indonesia initially offers two sensor devices: Personal Tracker (for tracking vehicles and individuals) and Wallet Tracker (which can be used as an ‘employee ID’ and monitored through apps). The company is also developing sensors/applications with local technology/IT firms for manufacturing industries, property developers, farming, fisheries and other sectors. Roswell Wolff, President of Sigfox Asia Pacific, said: ‘Indonesia is one of our most important markets and we are excited to see the launch of Sigfox Indonesia at this time. The rapid expansion of IoT, estimated at between IDR444 trillion [USD31.8 billion] to IDR1,620 trillion by 2025 for the IoT market in Indonesia, demonstrates that the demand for IoT will need a wide variety of IoT solutions to deliver value its users. Requirements are growing across all vertical sectors in Industry 4.0, smart cities, logistics & supply chain, automotive, utilities, etc., and backed by strong government support. Sigfox IoT service offerings are ideally suited to the unique economic and social values required in these applications and many more. We look forward to growing our business and establishing broad partnerships bringing value across Indonesia.’ Sigfox networks are currently available in 70 countries, covering a population of around one billion.

Orange Poland has launched four ‘off-the-shelf’ IoT packages for small and medium-sized companies and start-ups, offering access to its Live Objects IoT platform, provided under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The Express package is suitable for managing devices connected by various technologies (e.g. cellular networks including LTE-M, Wi-Fi, HTTPS); the Advantage package additionally supports device group management and campaign planning as well as data storage; the Premium package extends the services with data visualisation, indexing and searching capabilities; and the Complete package adds access to the Kibana visualisation tool which allows the user to present complex data sets using charts, graphics or infographics.

Cavli Wireless and Maker Village have announced a partnership to launch what they claim is ‘India’s first 5G network test lab’ in Q3 2020 at the KINFRA Hi Tech park campus in Kochi. The lab will enable IoT OEMs and ODMs to test their prototypes in real-world settings to fast track product development processes, aiming to support the mass adoption of cellular technologies such as NB IoT and LTE-M. The test network will be available with 5G SA and NSA modes (supporting sub-6GHz bands), alongside the LTE NB-IoT and CAT-M for LPWAN IoT. Access to this 5G test network will be free of charge to enable Indian IoT startups to develop 5G-ready IoT solutions compliant with global standards. Cavli will provide 5G test network users with complimentary six-month access to its global IoT connectivity platform ( by virtue of Cavli’s data partnerships with telecom operators. In addition, Cavli will provide its new C200-Series and C1X, C3X, C4X series 5G IoT cellular modules/modems.

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