Lifecell and ALBtelecom Announce Partnership to Launch Digital Services in Albania

At the press conference held at the Mobile World Congress 2019, Lifecell shared its achievements after announcing its new approach to the telecom sector last year with a new partnership with ALBtelecom expanding Lifecell’s experience and know-how in digitalization to Albania.

At the press conference held at the Mobile World Congress 2019, Lifecell shared its achievements after announcing its new approach to the telecom sector last year with a new partnership with ALBtelecom expanding Lifecell’s experience and know-how in digitalization to Albania.

Lifecell DO vision and 1440 strategy changed the telecommunication industry by combining its telecom and OTT abilities. The 1440 strategy increases the interaction a telecom operator has with its customers to 1440 minutes in a day and provides the best digital experience to customers with digital services.

Turkcell is the first telecom operator to implement 1440 strategy transforming itself to the world’s first Digital Operator. This move has brought 49% bi-annual cumulative growth in its revenue and 90.2% bi-annual growth in its EBITDA over the past two years (as of the end of Q4 2018) and with these results the company has become the world’s fastest growing operator in last 3 years.

Lifecell’s digital services now have the opportunity to reach potentially 3 million Albanian customers following the new partnership with ALBtelecom, a Calik Holding subsidiary.

ALBtelecom raises the bar in communication with Lifecell’s digital services

At the press conference held in Barcelona, Lifecell Chairman Kaan Terzioglu shared the progress Lifecell made within the past year: “Just a year ago, at this same booth we said that we would be launching the ‘digital export era’ and opened up our digital model to the world. In our meetings, operators all around the world recognized the need for the 1440 strategy. Within a year, ALBtelecom has shown a visionary approach and chosen Lifecell’s digital services. Today 9 operators in 3 different continents, have started to implement the 1440 strategy – already proven to be successful in 6 countries. Albania will be the next country to be a part of this success story as ALBtelecom joins Lifecell family.”

Ahmet Calik, Chairman of the Board of Calik Holding, considered the collaboration with Turkcell as crucial for introducing innovation in Albanian market. “We trust investing in technology and human capital is actually an investment in the future. We wholeheartedly believe the strategic cooperation between ALBtelecom and Turkcell will contribute to our company’s mission to pioneer the innovations in Albanian telecommunications market. With Lifecell services package, we now uphold our promise to provide services through the most innovative digital solutions that will improve quality of communications and life in Albania. It is our greatest desire to sustain a continuous increase in the services we offer to Albania in the upcoming period,” Calik said.

Tahsin Yilmaz, CEO of ALBtelecom, said during his speech that ALBtelecom goal is to bring technology and internet to every Albanian citizen. “Lifecell partnership becomes quite significant in the years ahead into fulfilling our vision and into making internet and innovative digital services accessible to all Albanians.”

Continuing his words with a global foresight, Terzioglu stated: “As Industry 4.0 approaches, telecom operators have the potential to leverage the transformation of industries like health, entertainment, education and transportation. This is only possible by becoming a ‘digital operator’. Operators have to offer services that customers truly need otherwise they will not move beyond being merely infrastructure providers.”

“Our transformation started four years ago and now – by following the 1440 strategy – we have become the world’s first digital operator. We added our telecom and OTT abilities on top of our mobile and fixed infrastructure. We have launched digital services that outperformed their global rivals: BiP, fizy, TV+, Lifebox, Okudo, Kopilot and Yaani. Not all operators have the resources, time or expertise to realize this. This is why we are transferring our global experience and know-how in digital transformation to operators all around the world.”

DO1440: The Strategy Behind Lifecell’s Success Story

“Telecom operators have 32 minutes of customer interaction daily, while we started our journey to be with our customers 1440 minutes in a day,” Lifecell Chairman Kaan Terzioglu stated. “We have the most concise vision, DO: Digital Operator, and strategy: 1440. Our vision, digital operator, allows us to offer digital services that offer the best customer experience and our strategy enables us to be with our customers for 1440 minutes in a day. Lifecell made DO1440 available to all operators in the last year.”

About Lifecell-ALBtelecom Partnership

ALBtelecom, the oldest telecom company in Albania and Lifecell decided to bring their telecom abilities together with an agreement. Through Lifecell’s digital services, ALBtelecom will offer a better experience to its customers in Albania. ALBtelecom will offer the communication and life platform BiP, music streaming app fizy, search engine Yaani, digital publishing app Okudo, TV platform TV+, personal cloud storage app Lifebox and Kopilot. The partnership will expand in the near future with new Lifecell digital services and solutions.

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