MedNautilus extended to Istanbul

19 May 2011

MedNautilus, owned by Telecom Italia Sparkle, has announced that it has completed Turkey’s first proprietary international submarine cable system connecting Istanbul to Athens, and onwards to the rest of Europe. MedNautilus claims to be the Mediterranean’s largest privately-owned submarine backbone. The 3Tbps cable system strengthens Turkey’s international telecoms infrastructure by significantly increasing its reliability and overall capacity, and will sustain Turkey’s fast growing demand for high speed internet connectivity. Telecom Italia Sparkle CEO Paolo Ferrari said: ‘We have carried out this project as we wanted our global backbone to meet the demands for high speed and secure internet connectivity of carriers, ISPs, media companies as well as enterprises, in a key telecommunications market such as Turkey’. MedNautilus Turkey general manager Cem Dogrusoz added: ‘MedNautilus’ latest infrastructure investment represents the best choice for high quality internet and innovative connectivity solutions to serve Turkish end users and companies alike, from both private and public sectors, fulfilling the need for reliable and high speed communications of a sophisticated telecom market’.

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