Netaş to ramp up operations in Azerbaijan with a new office

Aiming to become a regional technology powerhouse, Netaş has opened a new office in Azeri capital Baku. The company had incorporated a subsidiary in Algeria in May this year.


Turkey’s architect of digital transformation Netaş continues its restructuring in the neighbouring region, in line with its vision to become a technology powerhouse in its region. Accordingly, Netaş has opened a new office in Baku, Azerbaijan, where the company had delivered a modern telecommunication infrastructure in early 1990s, right after the foundation of the modern republic. With this move, Netaş aims to ramp up its operations in Azerbaijan, through digital transformation projects focusing particularly on cloud computing, cyber security and data transmission solutions. The move came after the company’s incorporation of a new subsidiary in Algeria in May this year.


Commenting on the commissioning of the Baku office, Netaş International Markets General Manager Serdar Urçar said, “We are taking part actively in digital transformation of about 30 countries. We will increase our presence in the markets where we see opportunity and will continue our growth. In May we established a new company in Algeria, now we have opened our office in Azerbaijan. Actually, we are active in these markets for years now. Our new offices will serve to strengthen our local presence in line with our claim of regional leadership.”


“ICT is one of the industries attracting the most foreign investments in Azerbaijan, only after the country’s renowned oil & gas industry. As a result, it is one of the country’s four key industries as defined by the government, within its efforts to diversify its economy, which is heavily dependent on oil and gas exports. As a company having modernized the communication infrastructure of Azerbaijan in early 1990s, we know this market very closely and we are aiming for a growth in this market, focusing primarily on cloud computing, cyber security and data transmission. In the meantime, one of our priorities will be positioning authentic products from our own R&D, including but not limited to our smart energy management platform Neos, our VoIP security tool set Nova and smart entertainment and e-ticketing platform Eventizer. On top of that, we will also position ingenious products and services of Turkish start-ups in within our solutions, in order to support the development of the ICT ecosystem,” he concluded.

Tarih: 08/08/2019 11:02

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