Ordinatrum will integrate MedWand experience to Acıbadem Healthcare Group’s clinical environments

Acıbadem intends to use large quantities of MedWand systems to support the active use of MedWand products across the scope of Acibadem’s clinical operations.

MedWand, Acıbadem Healthcare Group  and Medwand’s value added distributor in Turkey, Ordinatrum will begin to organize the expansion and completion of an ongoing Proof of Concept (POC) program to have the MedWand experience integrated into Acıbadem’s many clinical environments, including coordination, implementation, integration, training, and support. Acıbadem will provide the environment, patients, and healthcare providers across its many users and departments in parallel.

Transforming the capabilities of telemedicine, MedWand is available in mobile clinicruggedized mobile clinic, desktop clinic, and cart clinic configurations to meet a wide range of high mobility or fixed installation requirements. By enabling real-time vitals capture and live monitoring from any location with access to the internet, MedWand provides the missing link in the delivery of high-quality healthcare, irrespective of geographical distance.

During this expanded POC phase, a joint task force of each of the three companies’ IT teams will develop and integrate the MedWand ecosystem into Acibadem’s HIS system, Cerebral Plus. The vital data that MedWand devices capture will be stored and displayed in the Cerebral Plus HIS system in near-real-time. Upon successful completion of the expanded POC phase, Acibadem intends to use large quantities of MedWand systems to support the active use of MedWand products across the scope of Acibadem’s clinical operations. Acibadem provides premium healthcare services with its 24 hospitals and 14 medical centers in five countries.

“Transforming the current understanding of telemedicine, MedWand combines multiple clinically accurate vitals sensors and an ultra-HD resolution camera into one handheld, lightweight device,” said Robert Rose, MedWand’s President and CEO. “Our solution is perfect for inclusion into Acibadem’s system in multiple deployment scenarios with our seamless integration of Cerebral Plus in both remote and bedside applications.”

The leader of the Acibadem Technology Company and board member Kemal Kaplan shared, “We are excited to be working with MedWand to bring a greatly enhanced experience to our remote care programs as well as the in-clinic experience for both our patients and providers.”

“We are passionate about bringing health care and technology together to serve one purpose: better outcomes. “MedWand provides the best technology for remote examinations and complements Acibadem’s philosophy of “excellence in patient care,” said Hatem Karapinar, Co-founder and CEO of Ordinatrum.

Data collected via a MedWand device can include core temperature, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, heart, lung, and abdominal auscultations, an electrocardiogram, and high-definition otoscopic, oropharynx, and dermatoscopic exam images. The MedWand VirtualCare Clinic can also provide blood pressure, glucometer, spirometry, weight, and body mass data by instantly connecting to FDA- or CE-cleared third-party tools.


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