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Pegasus: Turkey’s Digital Airline


The stiff competition in the world aviation industry led airliners to look for solutions to increase their efficiency and to differentiate themselves with the quality of the experience they are offering. With a vision to be “Turkey’s digital airline”, Turkey’s low-cost airliner Pegasus shifted up its investments in digital transformation of the company. Netaş teams designed custom-tailored solutions to increase their customer satisfaction.

The world aviation industry has witnessed a tremendous growth over the past decade. The number of annual passengers worldwide rose quickly from 2.25 billion in 2009 to nearly 4 billion in 2017, according to World Bank data. With the number of airlines increasing, added the volatility of fuel prices, the pressure on the margins has grown higher, heating up the stiff competition further in the market.

Challenged by an increased competition, the airlines are speeding up their digital transformation efforts in order to increase their efficiency and to differentiate themselves with the quality of the experience they are offering.

Carrying a total of 30 million passengers in 2018, Pegasus is one of Turkey’s most popular airliners. The company recorded a growth two times faster than the overall Turkish airline market between 2009 and 2018 and now shifted up its investments in digital transformation, with its vision as “Turkey’s digital airliner”. 

From customer support management to Big Data analytics, and from data privacy compliance to cloud migration, Netaş is currently one of the most prominent partners of Pegasus in its digital transformation journey.

Managing customer support with a automatized holistic view 

“Everyone expects an impeccable flight experience and you can only improve your services by listening to what your guests say. That is what we have achieved with Netaş. Now we can hear every request, automatically classify it and see it right in front of us and offer a multi-channel experience to our guests,” explained Business Solutions Group Manager of Pegasus Erdinç Uğurlu.

In order to redesign the guest management system of Pegasus, Netaş teams took over the management of its Salesforce platform used by the Pegasus Call Centre in October 2017. While improving the IT structure, the team analysed the business flows and optimized the whole processes.

“Now we can instantly access all guest data produced in different sources and we know preferences of our guests in every single contact.  We are able to prioritize automatically requests and complaints coming from different sources including our website or social media. The most important of all, we are able to react timely thanks to automatic alarms at the right time.” Mr. Uğurlu added.

As a result of the automations and holistic customer insights, the customer satisfaction rate of the Pegasus Call Centre rose to 3.9 from 3.5, while the first contact resolution (FGCR) rate increased by 5 percentage points. In the meantime, average call holding time (ACHT) is reduced by 7 seconds.

“We can now measure both the guest satisfaction and our performance, so we are equipped with tools to improve ourselves further. This structure is designed by Netaş teams on the Salesforce architecture and customised according to our demands. They brought it live in an agile manner. We are happy to solidify our brand perception as Turkey’s digital airline,” Mr. Uğurlu concluded.


Tarih: 18/09/2019 14:39