Seven Awards from Informatics 500 that selects Turkey’s top information technology companies to Netaş

Netaş returned with seven awards from Turkey’s Top 500 Informatics Companies (Informatics 500) Research 18th of which was held by BT News Group of Companies. In Informatics 500, in addition to being selected as Turkey’s Top System Integrator, Netaş has also ranked first in Software and Hardware sub-categories of the System Integrator category as well as being selected the top informatics company of Turkey in R&D, Sectoral Software, Software Exports and Network Hardware categories. Netaş has risen one more level from 2015 to 18 in Turkey’s top 500 Informatics Companies main list.

 Netaş has won seven awards in the traditional Informatics 500. Being selected as Turkey’s top company in the “System Integrator” category and “System Integrator Software” and “System Integrator Hardware” sub-categories, Netaş has also become Turkey’s leader in the “Sectoral Software” and “Network Hardware” categories. The most meaningful awards Netaş has received from Informatics 500 are grand prizes in the “Company with the Largest R&D Investment” and “Turkey’s Software Exporter” categories.

 Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay that comments on the awards received said, “if Netaş is celebrating its 50th anniversary and accomplishing ambitious global projects, the main reason for this is our R&D and innovation culture inherent in our company’s DNA. We have deepened in information and communication technologies and are thus leading Turkey’s digital transformation and modernization. We work determinedly toward the goal of creating 10 global technology brands in 2023 by producing Turkey’s own technology.

We have won invaluable awards from the system integration to software and network hardware in Informatics 500. These awards are undoubtedly an indication of the resources we allocate for innovation and advanced technology production, the productive cooperation with our customers and the common vision of each Netaş member.”


 R&D Champion for Information and Communication Technologies in Turkey; Netaş

Within the scope of PLUS implementation carried out for the first time this year in Informatics 500 Research, young companies, R&D companies and Anatolian companies that are powerful in their own specific field or in the region were also included in the evaluation. Netaş was selected the “Company with the Largest R&D Investment in Turkey” in this category.

Netaş that established Turkey’s first private R&D in the field of telecom in 1973 is among the top 10 in the world in VOIP and multimedia technologies today and is developing new-generation technologies in the field of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with over 700 engineers in its laboratories, which are the largest in the region. Developing the baseband unit in its laboratories within the scope of Turkey’s first 4.5G national base station ULAK project and working with its partners to carry Turkey to the mobile future, Netaş has offered in VOIP field Turkey’s first domestic cyber security solutions under Nova brand to the market.


Software exports leader is again Netaş

Being selected the top company in Software Exports category in Informatics 500, Netaş has also become the company that has won the same title a seventh time in the last 10 years. Also, Netaş has become Turkey’s top company in the “Top 15 Companies Based on Sectoral Software Earnings” ranking in Informatics 500 Research.


Netaş is the leader again in System Integrator categories

Netaş maintains its leadership position in the System Integrator main category in Informatics 500 Research. Being selected the top company in the System Integrator, System Integrator-Software and System Integrator-Hardware categories, Netaş has thus received the return of its large-scale system integration accomplishments in Turkey and the nearby geography. Lastly, Netaş has been selected as the top company a fourth time in the Network Hardware category in Informatics 500.




Tarih: 26/02/2019 14:04

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