Sichuan, Austria aim for deeper cooperation

Representatives from 27 Austrian research institutions and private companies are attending an expo in southwest China’s Sichuan province, seeking to further enhance cooperation between the two.

The 7th China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City International High-tech Expo opened Thursday in Mianyang, with Austria as the chosen national guest of honor.

During the event, the Austrian business delegation not only displayed its cutting-edge technologies and products, but also took the opportunity to hold exchanges with its Chinese counterparts during the Austrian Technology Day on Sept. 5.

Georgi Kirov, head of sales at Biogest Biogas, a waste-to-energy solutions provider, was among scores of Austrian business representatives seeking to promote cooperation.

Kirov came to the Austrian Technology Day in Mianyang for a roadshow after he sensed an opportunity in China’s waste recycling business as the country promotes its waste sorting legislation. 

Through the contacts in Mianyang, he hopes to align himself with potential Chinese partners, foster cooperation and promote the company’s technology and expertise to meet China’s rising waste-to-energy demand.

Some 23 Austrian and Sichuan-based companies specializing in environmental technologies, smart urban development, aviation, smart manufacturing technologies, as well as AI and sensors introduced their technologies and projects during the Austrian Technology Day event.

Austria set up a consulate general in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, in April last year, during the China visit of the Austrian President, which signaled the growing need for exchanges and cooperation between it and China’s southwest region.

“Through this expo in Mianyang, we hope Austria and Sichuan, especially Mianyang, can further strengthen exchanges in science and technology and achieve win-win cooperation,” said Martin Allgäuer, the Consul-General in Chengdu.

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