TeliaSonera initiates legal action against Russian Alfa Group

28 Nov 2005

TeliaSonera has initiated legal action against the Russian Alfa Group for what it describes as ‘its tortious interference’ in a transaction between itself and the Cukurova Group. TeliaSonera accuses Alfa of having taken actions to encourage Cukurova to breach an agreement to sell its 27% stake in the Turkish mobile operator Turkcell. According to official sources, Cukurova and Alfa have subsequently agreed a deal to pass the disputed stake to the Russian holding company. In March TeliaSonera initiated legal proceedings against Cukurova, for breach of an agreement to sell the Turkcell stake.

In a separate announcement TeliaSonera has also accused Cukurova of making an unauthorised withdrawal of USD135 million from Turkcell Holding. The Swedes claim Cukurova took the money order to meet obligations to the government.

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