Turk Telekom considering future public listing for subsidiaries

11 Dec 2017

The CEO of Turkish full-service operator Turk Telekom, Paul Doany, has issued a statement clarifying recent rumours in the media about the telco’s strategy on potential public listings. The statement said that public listing(s) may be considered in the future for the group’s subsidiaries, in line with a strategic direction for ‘potential corporate venture capital investments’, although as yet there has been no specific decision taken regarding any single company. TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database notes that Turk Telekom offers all its domestic mobile, fixed line, internet/data and TV services under the converged Turk Telekom banner, although its retail ISP (TTNet) and mobile (Avea) subsidiaries remain separate companies, whilst the group’s Turk Telekom International division operates as a major regional wholesale capacity and data services provider in Central and Eastern Europe.

Turk Telekom says its overall strategic vision focuses on broadband penetration growth and cost-effective mobile share growth, supported by mass-market TV offerings and ‘future wireless homes’ service developments.

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