Turk Telekom FY13 revenues reach TRY13.19bn

6 Feb 2014

Turk Telekom has announced that its revenues for the twelve months ended 31 December 2013 reached TRY13.19 billion (USD5.89 billion), up from TRY12.71 billion one year earlier. EBITDA for 2013 slipped from TRY5.10 billion to TRY4.99 billion, while operating profit decreased slightly to TRY3.21 billion. Net profit for the period under review was TRY1.30 billion, just half the TRY2.64 billion reported in 2012. The company has blamed the slump on ‘unfavourable foreign exchange movements’.

In operational terms, Turk Telekom’s broadband customer base rose to 7.3 million by 1 January 2014, up from seven million a year earlier. In contrast, the number of fixed PSTN lines in service fell from 14.3 million to 13.7 million. Turk Telekom’s mobile unit Avea saw its subscriber base grow from 13.5 million to 14.5 million by 31 December; blended mobile ARPU for the fourth quarter of 2013 stood at TRY21.2.

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