Turkcell BiP Channel ‘Dr. Oz & Team’ Adds New Features

Turkcell today announced it adds new exclusive members and features for the BiP channel ‘Dr. Oz & Team’.

Turkcell today announced it adds new exclusive members and features for the BiP channel ‘Dr. Oz & Team’.

Followed by 260,000 users since its launch in March, the channel allows BiP users to take advice on three main subjects: Healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and at-home exercises.

On ‘Discover’ section of BiP under ‘Dr. Oz & Team’, channel followers now can contact world renowned Dr. Oz and his team and reach key tips for a healthier life along through videos and in article format, healthy and tasty recipes, tips for specific nutritional purposes, how to best benefit from foods and nutritional values and at-home no-equipment exercises that debunk the typical excuses about not doing daily workouts.

“Inspiring users to live a healthier and better life”
Underlining the key role of the recent launch of BiP’s new channel in delivering valuable content, “In the post-SMS-and-voice value proposition era, a cohesive data analytics strategy combined with creativity is imperative to create digital services that enhances customer experience,” says Atac Tansug, Vice President of Digital Services and Solutions. “Through our life and communication platform BiP, we constantly seek opportunities to offer value-added channels and content relevant to our customers. Out of these efforts is the ‘Dr. Oz & Team’ channel that we established with world renowned Turkish doctor Oz and his team – it inspires our customers to live a healthier and better life through countless videos, tips and content.”

“Let’s improve the health of Turkey” 

Emphasizing the beneficial influence of the channel on BiP users’ health, “The resulting explosion in social media allows every Turk to live in their Town Square where they can hear and say what they desire. BiP is the next step in this progress and my “Oz and Family” team want to ensure that our nation can hear trusted health and wellness information that motivates them to improve their lives. Our tactics will help overcome obesity, intestinal complaints, pain, anxiety, loneliness, and even financial stress that might hurt your health,” says Dr. Oz. “We have picked the strongest contributors ranging from Halil Yerebakan to wellness coach Doris Hofer (Thesquatgirl), and famed chef Ece Zaim so the audience can hear different opinions on the best food, beauty, exercise, sleep, and mental health advice. We plan on using the world’s best quality content to tell the story of health on social medial in novel ways. I look forward to customizing my 10 years of TV advice for the benefit of my Turkish countrymen. Let’s improve the health of Turkey so we can enjoy each other and our families even more.”

BiP’s various channels positively impact users’ lives offering more than instant messaging and communication with access to public enterprises from municipalities to pharmacies, HD-quality video group call feature with up to 10 people. The life and communication platform that knows more than 100 languages and is used in 192 countries. BiP now offers an extended version of the ‘Dr. Oz & Team’ channel available on the link: https://discover.bip.ai/subscribe?oaid=27679

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