Turkcell brings LTE to rural Anatolia under Universal programme

10 May 2018

Turkish operator Turkcell is deploying its 4G LTE (‘4.5G’) mobile network services to rural areas in Anatolia as a part of the state-backed Universal Connectivity project. Turkcell reports that it has extended LTE to nine villages in the Cankiri area which were previously covered by 2G only, as part of a programme to bring 4G to 1,799 rural settlements, stipulated by an agreement signed between the cellco and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs & Communications. A condition of the Universal Connectivity project requires at least 10% of base stations to be domestically produced, and Turkcell plans to utilise the Turkish ‘Ulak’ base station (developed by Aselsan, Netas and Argela) for ‘nearly half’ of the rollout, targeting the deployment of Ulak-based cell sites in 700 locations by the end of 2018.

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