Turkcell claims 42Mbps 3G speeds

12 Mar 2010

Turkcell has announced that it has completed a series of tests across its HSPA+ enabled 3G network, reporting peak transmission speeds of 42Mbps. The tests were conducted in collaboration with Ericsson, which provided its dual carrier and multi carrier frequency solutions in a network upgrade programme. Turgut Erkul, business area radio manager at Ericsson, said: ‘Turkcell and Ericsson conducted an HSPA multi carrier 42.2Mbps test on 5 March 2010 in Istanbul. Turkcell is among the first operators in the world to reach 42.2Mbps speed with Ericsson’s HSPA multi carrier solution.’ Turkcell chief network operations officer, Ylter Terzioolu, added: ‘Turkcell will provide these speed levels to its customers in 2010 and aims to eventually reach 84Mbps in 3G. As always, Turkcell will continue to invest in cutting-edge infrastructure, ensuring its network can utilise the most up-to-date technologies.’

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