Turkcell confirms 3C-HSDPA integration in 81 cities; cellco plots 2015 LTE launch

2 Jan 2015

Turkcell has confirmed that it has successfully integrated three-carrier HSDPA (3C-HSDPA) technology across its 3G network in 81 cities. The introduction of 3C-HSDPA technology, which the cellco claims is a world first, allows Turkcell users to experience downlink transmission speeds of up to 63.3Mbps over a 3G connection. Meanwhile, the network upgrade has also seen Turkcell deploy Dual Carrier (DC)-HSUPA technology, allowing for peak upload speeds of 11.5Mbps, twice the current transmission rate. Sureyya Ciliv, CEO of Turkcell, commented: ‘We are also getting ready for 4G as Turkey prepares to introduce this technology in 2015.’

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