Turkcell implementing Mavenir’s vIMS solution for VoLTE and future 5G voice

17 Apr 2020

Turkey’s Turkcell has selected Mavenir to deploy a cloud-native NFV-based virtualised IMS (vIMS) solution for its domestic mobile core network and for other subsidiaries, as it proceeds towards a goal of transforming LTE voice (VoLTE) and future 5G voice networks into 100% virtual infrastructures. Turkcell CTO Gediz Sezgin stated that, having already surpassed 60% virtualisation in its mobile core network, Turkcell regards vIMS as a critical network transformation milestone in NFV implementation, adding that: ‘We are looking forward to creating new revenue streams and launching new disruptive Digital and Advanced Communication Services on this single unified telco cloud. Turkcell aims for a network structure that is more stable and stronger with reduced OPEX costs.’

Mavenir will also provide Turkcell with Rich Communication Services and Rich Business Messaging as well as a Dynamic Routing Solution.

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