Turkcell launches entirely internet-based Lifecell mobile packages

28 Sep 2017

Turkish mobile market leader Turkcell has expanded its Lifecell digital brand to launch complete mobile communications packages including calls based entirely over the internet, with no standard mobile voice minutes/SMS included. Executive Vice President of Marketing Ismail Butun announced that the new range of three Lifecell mobile packages was in response to huge demand from internet users on the cellco’s national 4G network, claiming that the operator is ‘redefining the rules of the game in communications’ along a journey ‘from being a technology-focused network operator to being a service-oriented experience provider’. The latest development builds on the high take-up of Turkcell’s online applications including its over-the-top (OTT) messaging/calling app ‘BiP’. Butun added: ‘Our customers will be able to meet all their communication needs via mobile data. They will make regular and video calls and use instant messaging service via BiP … to call both landlines and GSM numbers … which will enable Lifecell users to make unlimited calls not only to BiP users but also non-BiP users.’ Package subscribers can also access unlimited music via Turkcell’s ‘fizy’ app (included in the Lifecell tariffs), watch TV channels/movies via the ‘TV+’ app and store photos, videos and other files in the cloud via ‘LifeBox’, alongside other Turkcell-run apps including online news/book libraries.

All Lifecell plans – Super, Extra or Pro – include 50GB of mobile data for apps, plus 2GB of mobile data for Facebook and Twitter, alongside unlimited calls and messages among BiP users and 1,000 BiP minutes for calls to landlines and all mobile networks. Turkcell has also unveiled the GM6 Lifecell branded smartphone shipped with all Lifecell apps installed.

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