Turkcell’s annual group revenues climb 11.9%

21 Feb 2017

Turkish mobile market leader Turkcell’s quarterly consolidated group revenues rose 21.3% year-on-year to TRY4.044 billion (USD1.114 billion) in the three months ended 31 December 2016, with quarterly EBITDA boosted 29.6% y-o-y to TRY1.371 billion. For the full-year 2016, the group’s revenues grew 11.9% to TRY14.286 billion whilst annual EBITDA climbed 11.6% to TRY4.620 billion. Full-year 2016 net income fell 27.8% to TRY1.492 billion, although Turkcell also reported its ‘pro forma’ net income (excluding certain non-operating and non-recurring items) as rising 7.4% to TRY2.5 billion.

Turkcell’s domestic operations accounted for 89.5% of annual revenues in 2016 – climbing by 11.4% to TRY12.788 billion, whilst Turkish EBITDA rose by 10.7% in FY16 to TRY4.161 billion (representing 90.1% of group EBITDA). Turkcell flagged up its 4.5G mobile investments as a key driver of this growth, as it achieved LTE population coverage of around 82.5% (in 81 cities across Turkey) by the end of 2016, while the average monthly data consumption of its 4.5G customers reached 5GB in December. Turkcell also registered its highest domestic mobile customer retention level since 2007, and in Q4 2016 it saw 291,000 net mobile additions, the highest level since 2013. At its fixed network operations, a Q4 net gain of 147,000 subscribers was its highest ever, whilst fibre-based subscribers now exceed one million.

Internationally, Turkcell’s Ukrainian mobile unit Lifecell registered 13.4% year-on-year revenue growth in local currency terms to reach a record high quarterly net sales figure of UAH1.314 billion (USD48.3 million), helped by rising mobile data revenues on the back of its 3G+ network expansion, although EBITDA fell by 13.8% in local currency terms leading to an EBITDA margin of 27.6% (down from 36.3% the year before) largely due to higher costs resulting from the 3G+ rollout. Turkcell’s Belarusian division BeST also saw a gain in local currency revenues – up by 14.2% y-o-y in 4Q16 to BYN26.5 million (USD14.1 million) – driven by subscriber base expansion along with increased voice and device revenues on higher smartphone sales. BeST also registered a y-o-y EBITDA margin improvement to 6.1% (3.7%) in the fourth quarter.

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