Turkcell’s Superonline unit launches 1Gbps broadband

6 May 2011

Turkish cellco Turkcell has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Superonline has launched its 1Gbps internet speed service. Turkcell says that the introduction of the service means that TurKey now ranks as one of only five countries to offer this advanced transmission speed. In addition, at launch Superonline general manager Murat Erkan confirmed that the operator’s base broadband speed has been increased from 10Mbps to 20Mbps. Superonline currently has a presence in 73 Turkish cities, with over 25,000km of fibre infrastructure, which passes around 700,000 homes. By the end of 2011 the fibre backbone is expected to reach 28,000km, with at least one million homes passed. Going forward, as a way of reflecting Turkcell’s increasingly hand-on approach, Superonline will be known as ‘Turkcell Superonline’.

Turkcell CEO Suereyya Ciliv commented: ‘Our group company Turkcell Superonline – which became the first company to offer fibre internet to both residential and corporate [customers] – has enriched both Turkcell itself, and our country since its inception. Through our investments, amounting to TRY1.4 billion (USD904.7 million) over the past three years, Turkcell Superonline has continued to pioneer the fibre-optic era in Turkey, and increased its contribution to the Turkcell Group with each passing day. And today, we are proud to provide a 1Gbps internet service in Turkey’.

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