Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia joining TASIM fibre superhighway

21 Feb 2013

Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria will soon join the Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) fibre backbone project, according to Iltimas Memmedov, the deputy ICT minister in Azerbaijan, an existing TASIM member country. As reported by news site UkraineBusiness, Memmedov disclosed: ‘In the near future, Georgia, Bulgaria and Ukraine are expected to join the project. In December 2012, the 67th United Nations’ General Assembly issued a special resolution to provide political support for the project TASIM and recommended the creation of a special alliance on this project.’ Azerbaijan is coordinating the TASIM project with the other four current member countries – China, Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan – and is aiming to form a larger international consortium to build two high speed fibre-optic transit routes, one linking China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to Germany, with a second proposed redundancy route spanning Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

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