Ana sayfa World US entrepreneurs eye closer co-op with Chinese partners in driverless tech

US entrepreneurs eye closer co-op with Chinese partners in driverless tech


Mohammad Musa had a rather packed schedule when he attended the Summer Davos Forum held in northeast China’s city of Dalian from July 1 to 3.

Having worked for Google for six years, Musa co-founded the start-up Deepen AI in 201y to focus on driverless technology.

Apart from attending conferences and seminars at the forum, he sought to meet with potential partners in China with hopes to delve deep into China’s self-driving car market.

“We start with a partner first, and then we grow that relationship. We think that autonomous technologies in the Chinese market are going to be critical,” Musa told Xinhua on the sidelines of the forum, the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2019.

Musa’s company, Deepen AI, has been focused on developing artificial intelligence (AI) tools and infrastructure for the autonomous systems, including driverless cars.

He predicted that autonomous technologies would grow fast in China, and his company has made “very big plans” for the Chinese market. “We hope to partner and grow and even open our own office here down the line,” he said.

Sid Misra, another U.S. entrepreneur at the forum, also voiced his support for more U.S.-China cooperation in the high-tech industry.

A serial entrepreneur, Misra now serves as chief executive officer and co-founder of Perceptive Automata, a technology start-up dedicated to helping automated vehicles better understand human behavior.

Misra, whose company has already been cooperating with Chinese firms, said that U.S.-China cooperation can play a huge role in advancing self-driving car technologies.

Named one of the Technology Pioneers of 2019 by the World Economic Forum, Misra expressed hopes that U.S. and Chinese companies can be open and work with each other, participate in more conversations and agree on the standards that work for both sides.

At the Summer Davos Forum, China reaffirmed its commitment to globalization with renewed pledges to free trade and opening-up, a move welcomed by Misra and other participants from international business communities.

“Globalization is not going away, but we need to do it in a way that it is more inclusive, takes into account the diversity of our world and is sustainable,” he said.