Vodafone, Huawei complete world-first trial of GSM/LTE 900MHz dynamic spectrum sharing

17 Jan 2018

Vodafone Turkey and Huawei have completed the world’s first trial of GSM/LTE (GL) 900MHz dynamic spectrum sharing on Vodafone’s commercial networks in the Black Sea coast city of Trabzon, the partners announced in a press release. The trial demonstrated that 900MHz spectrum can be allocated between 4G and 2G services based on customer demand, allowing Vodafone Turkey to provide up to 10MHz of 4G capacity and throughput ‘in a very effective way’, improving download and upload throughput by 20%. Mallik Rao, Vodafone Turkey’s Chief Technology Officer, said: ‘This new network optimisation technique improves spectral efficiency and enhances the experience of Vodafone customers.’

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