Vodafone Turkey addresses indoor/small cell coverage with NEC, SpiderCloud

24 Feb 2017

Vodafone Turkey has chosen NEC as a partner in its small cell strategy, using SpiderCloud Wireless’ Enterprise RAN (E-RAN) platform to deliver an all-LTE solution to buildings ‘of any size’ and key business customers. Mallikarjun Rao, CTO, Vodafone Turkey, said: ‘Vodafone’s all-LTE rollout is targeted at rapid delivery of excellent performance and capacity to any location. E-RAN assures indoor VoLTE quality and provides a platform for LTELAA and future unlicensed services.’ Costa Tsourkas, Head of Business Development for small cells, NEC Europe, added: ‘Business, industrial and social applications are increasingly reliant on robust and ubiquitous wireless networks that can deliver both high-throughput and low latency – not only outdoors, but increasingly inside commercial and public spaces and homes – with small cells,’ while noting that NEC’s Smart RAN suite, incorporating E-RAN, is aimed at delivering 4G connectivity for all types of usage from smartphones to new IoT applications.

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