WeChat hits 100M users outside China

OTT messaging app WeChat has reached 100 million international users, according to Chinese parent Tencent.

“WeChat hits 100M users outside China” reported MobileWorld Live, the official publication of GSMA the Assosiation of GSMA on 2013-08-15 00:00:00.

OTT messaging app WeChat has reached 100 million international users, according to Chinese parent Tencent.
Tencent — which recently denied that it is looking to spin-off WeChat — said the app had passed the 100 million registered user account mark after doubling its user base in the past three months.
WeChat is the international version of the Chinese Weixin app which was launched in January 2011. WeChat followed in October the same year.
Since its international launch WeChat has become the most popular mobile social app in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.
In July 2013, it was the most downloaded app of its type in Apple’s App Store in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey.
Tencent recently claimed that WeChat and Weixin combined have 236 million active users per month.
Rival WhatsApp has revealed that it has passed 300 million monthly active users while LINE has stated it wants to reach the same milestone by the end of this year.
WeChat 5.0 was recently launched with a number of new features, including online payment for its sticker store and a game centre.
Internet market research firm GlobalWebIndex found that Tencent’s messaging app, which is available on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone, was the fifth most-used app globally in July.

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WeChat hits 100M users outside China

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