World Internet Conference offers glimpse into future of cyberspace

The sixth World Internet Conference concluded Tuesday in the river town of Wuzhen in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, offering a glimpse into the future development of cyberspace.

The three-day conference brought together around 1,500 participants from over 80 countries and regions to discuss the trends of cyberspace development, display innovative products of information technology and seek cooperation to build a community with a shared future in cyberspace.

Liu Liehong, deputy head of the Cyberspace Administration of China, said at a press conference that several reports had been released during the conference, providing references and talent support for global internet development.

According to Gao Xingfu, vice governor of Zhejiang Province, more than 600 enterprises participated in the “Light of Internet Expo,” a side event of the World Internet Conference. These included 107 overseas companies and organizations, up 30 percent over the previous year.

“There is a famous saying on the internet — we do not predict the future, we create it,” said Wu Hequan, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The latest technological achievements in various fields such as artificial intelligence, 5G and industrial internet have been unveiled at the event.

The number of internet users in China hit 854 million in June 2019, with the internet availability rate reaching 61.2 percent, according to the China Internet Network Information Center.

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